My New EP, “There’s More”, and My Store!

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Chloe's New Store Now Open

Chloe’s New Store Now Open


Today is the day!

My new EP, “There’s More”, is officially available and my online store is now open:

You’ll find a downloadable version of “There’s More” (and a FREE download code to use at checkout, “theresmore”), t-shirts, posters, CDs…I’m just so darn happy about this. I hope you enjoy the new music as much as I enjoyed writing it with some of my talented friends!

This is a milestone for me and I could not have done it without some wonderful people. Thank you to:

Matt Milloway, a fantastic friend, enlightening web solutions provider, and a major motivator of this project
Christian Davis (Chdis) for unconditional love, support, and confirmation that music is worth playing, whether it’s to “10,000 people or to a metronome”
Mommy, Daddy, and Sochi (and Koty!) for being my rocks–a family that rocks
Zach Ziskin for engineering skills, great ears, and being like a brother to me
The CACLs (Jodi, Beth, Cathi, & Deana) for expanding my heart and giving affection (as cats do!)
Anna Haas for a beautiful cover photo
Jordyn Newsome & Rob Badome for sweet design skills
Naya Rappaport for photos and for being an awesome cheering section
Seth Bailen, Chris Patsis, and Jesus Lazcano for sharing the stage with me
Wendy Pomerantz for dreaming with me and for “Sage(r)” words of wisdom
Alison Weiner for dancing even after the music stops playing and for helping me feel the rhythm of “my new heart”
Robbie Gennet for long-time support
Eric Tingstad and Donna Valentine for encouraging me to “hear the stars”
Jason Pomerantz for our writing sessions, namely the one involving New Year’s Eve cocktail franks
Fredy Camelo for an infectious smile and musical joy
Duane Neillson for helping me invite new chapters into my life
Those whose couches I’ve crashed on (Jeff, Billy, the Haas family, etc.) from L.A. to Nashville and beyond
All of my co-writers, past, present, and future…we make beautiful music together
Tamara Beatty for being “The Voice” of reason and a guide for all things vocal for great printing and merch and Gumroad for opening my store’s doors
My extended family and friends (those who are here and no longer with us)
My FAU family (especially the Jazz Rats!)
My South Florida community (musical, yoga, and more)
The Universe
You–a special thank you for listening

This EP is dedicated to Tali, with love forever. No matter where you are, it isn’t that far.

Endlessly grateful,