“Dancin’ On Cloud 10” Hits #1 On Balcony TV – Download for Free!

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Hey hey!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. My family and I definitely did! We make a mean sweet potato casserole, if I do say so myself.

Something else really sweet happened during the holiday. I got the news that my recent performance of my original song, “Dancin’ On Cloud 10”, (accompanied by the awesomely talented Christian Davis) won BalconyTV’s global music rumble! This means that not only did the video land at the top spot in the U.S. but it was also #1 in the world! Check it out below:

Tis the season to give, so I’m especially excited to be giving away the studio/acoustic mp3 of “Dancin’ On Cloud 10”. (How could I not give thanks to y’all for keeping those votes coming and helping to make my holiday so special?)

Two Options to Download “Dancin’ On Cloud 10” for Free:



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Christian and I were seriously giddy when we got the news about winning the rumble. (Like, jumping up and down in the middle of my living room giddy.) So, again, THANK YOU for helping to make this happen. And, a special thanks to Brandon Maddox for co-writing the tune with me.

Ahh, I’m still “Dancin’ On Cloud 10″…!